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In her Caldecott medal acceptance speech for A STORY, A STORY, Gail Haley addressed the influence of television on children.  As both an author and an illustrator she is uniquely qualified to  understand the relationship between print and picture, page and screen.

Together with her husband, Dr. David Considine, she has authored 2 teacher's resource books to promote visual literacy and media literacy.  Both books from Libraries Unlimited in Colorado have been well reviewed and received. 

The concepts addressed in the books are part of V.I.E.W. [Visual Information Education Workshops] that Haley and  Considine have conducted with teachers, parents, administrators, librarians, media specialists and of course students, throughout the US, Canada, England, Australia and Africa.  The sessions deal with advertising, television, motion pictures, children's books and computer technology
 Cover of "Visual Messages"
Cover of "Imagine That"
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Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education Gerald Tirozzi thanks Dr. Considine.



David Considine & Gail Haley
David Considine & Gail Haley

David Considine coordinates the Media Studies Program in the Reich College of Education at North Carolina's Appalachian State University.  He chaired the first National Media Literacy Conference in 1995.

His workshops are interdisciplinary, exploring media literacy's role in Social Studies, Health, English, Art, History and Language Arts.

He has presented at prestigious universities including Harvard and Penn State.  He also is a regular presenter for Discovery Networks Know - TV programs.

His topics include The Visible and the Vulnerable: The Role for Media Literacy in Protecting and Preparing Youth as well as Smoke Screens: The Projection and Protection of Tobacco Marketing.

He is featured in the PBS broadcast, Media Literacy: The New Basic?; AMC's Homeward Bound: The American Family in Film; and HRM's The Glitter: Sex, Drugs and the Media

Haley has presented for the last 3 years for Wisconsin's Center of Excellence in Critical Thinking.  Her topics include Pictures of Pluralism [images of representation and diversity] and The Look of the Book [design, aesthetics, style and composition in children's books.



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