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Dr. David Considine Dr. David Considine,
Conference chair.
Storyteller, Puppeteer, Artist & Writer Gail Haley Haley at the
1st National
Media Literacy
Conference, 1995

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create information in a variety of media formats including print and non-print. It is mindful viewing, and reflective judgement. It is a new, expanded view of traditional literacy.

Since most people today get most of their information from television and other visual technologies, informed students and citizens need the new information skills involved in media literacy. School systems around the country are increasingly including these competencies in the emerging curricula. Families can make media literacy a part of their lives.




  David Considine
participates in the
Children's Chance
session with
students from
Watauga County.

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