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Gail, a girl and a goose called Lucy.

In addition to writing and illustrating award-winning children's books, Gail Haley has written several books on costume and puppetry.  Her articles have also appeared in The Puppetry Journal. She has been a member of UNIMA and Puppeteers of America.

A great believer in hands-on education, Haley has conducted a series of 1, 2 and 3 day in-service teacher education workshops, demonstrating tools and techniques for integrating puppetry into the classroom and curriculum.

Traditional Indonesian rod puppets

Marionette from Thailand

Using shadow puppets, glove puppets, rod puppets and marionettes, Haley covers the range from simple to sophisticated, applying these characters to multi-cultural education and special education among other subjects.

Workshop participants are provided with a special plastic mould of her own design so they may reproduce their own characters upon returning to the classroom.

These sessions have been conducted for:

  • The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
  • The Scottish Mask and Puppetry Center in Glasgow
  • Wisconsin's Center for Excellence in Critical Thinking
  • Various public libraries and school sites throughout the United States

A young fan meets Haley and
Jack, the hero of many mountain

PLAY PEOPLE (337 pages)
is a teacher's resource puppetry
manual that Gail created for
Appalachian State University's
Instructional Development Center


A moment from a performance
piece for Discovery
Communication Network [1998]

In the Washington DC studio with parents and children at the 1998 opening of Discovery's flagship store.

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