Gail E. Haley: Rates & Dates, 2009-2010.

The Presentation fee is determined by the following factors.

*In-state events. Total Round trip distance and drive time.
*Out-of-state events. Total travel time door to door.
*The # of sessions. A full day is typically regarded as 3 X 45 sessions. Can be small group and/or assembly. Combination of both is appreciated.
*The audience size and age. Workshops for adults have a higher rate then presentations to students.



***Discount for district that engages author for 3 days in the same week. BARGAIN RATE 3 1/2 day sessions over 3 consecutive days in same school system. RATE = $685 per day[ 2 sessions daily] plus $135 expenses for schools within 2 hour drive, $165 expenses for schools 3-4 hour dive, $185 expenses for school more than 4 hour of in state driving.  
Questions or clarifications related to bookings contact Dr. David
Considine (828) 262-2270

Haley mail to P O Box 1027 Blowing Rock, NC 28605.